Discounts for TNI, TNM and TSD users

Most users of commercial Softinventive Lab products are eligible for a discount on any Network Olympus license.

To request a discount, please contact us at

  • Each Total Network Monitor 2 user is eligible for a 50% discount on any Network Olympus license.

  • Each user of a Total Network Inventory or Total Software Deployment license with the number of nodes higher than 25 is eligible for a 30% discount for a Network Olympus license with the corresponding (or lesser) number of devices.

    Please refer to the following table to find out which license you can get a discount for:

    TNI STD/PRO or TSDNetwork Olympus
    25 nodes25 devices
    50 nodes50 devices
    100 nodes100 devices
    150 nodes200 devices
    250 nodes300 devices
    350 nodes500 devices
    500 nodes500 devices
    750 nodes1000 devices
    1000 nodes1000 devices
    1500 nodes1500 devices
    2000 nodes2000 devices

    For example, owners of the TNI Standard 150 nodes license are eligible for a 30% discount for Network Olympus for 200 devices, as well as for 100 devices.

    However, the discount will not be lost if a higher license is needed. It will be calculated as 30% from the license corresponding to the one they own. For the above example, that means that any license higher than 200 devices will be discounted 30% * [price for 200 devices].